Career Options For Physics

The study of physics has led to many momentous discoveries of the twenty century, counting –  radio, laser, computer technology, TV, nuclear weapons and it has played an important role in the development of the big bang theory, quantum theory and splitting of the atom.

Many careers are dependent on physics related degree. Graduates in physics possess skills that are in high demand in various sectors namely communication of complex ideas, problem-solving, and relating to numeracy. Now let’s have a look at typical careers in physics.

Typical Careers in Physics

  • Healthcare

There are numerous healthcare sectors for physics graduates. Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics overlay significantly, physicist work along the side of biochemical engineers to build, review and maintain medical equipment and technologies. Some of the testing responsibilities in this sector include quality assurance, design and research.

  • Technology

Technology Sector is a regular source of new career paths, opportunities and challenges. For physics graduates, there is a chance to work along the side of another specialist in order to develop new products and new ideas. Fields like nanotechnology, nanoscience and robotics are potentially rich fields since there is a high demand for research.

  • Engineering

In the engineering sector, physics graduates can find numerous opportunities to pursue their career. They are mainly tasked with developing and improving products and benefits from a large range of potential employers connecting plentiful industries namely telecommunications, medicine, renewable energy, space exploration, defense, and space.

  • Space and Astronomy

Both private and public sectors including other organisation offer roles related to space and astronomy including planetarium and museums. Roles with space are highly competitive and are limited. For trainee and administrative roles, an undergraduate degree may be sufficient. Many professional astronomers can be found teaching and conduct research in many colleges and universities.

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